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Recent Episodes

How to Land More Clients – the Aussie Hermit Way (with Luke Charlton)

March 22, 2023

Luke Charlton runs a successful ad agency that helps coaches and high-ticket service professionals get clients online. He’s spent over 16 million on ads and has helped clients generate more than 50 million in revenue from his ad campaigns.

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How to Run a Business, Not Have it Run You (with Janine Bolon)

March 15, 2023

Janine Bolon has always loved figuring out how things work. A scientist to her core, she craved to dig into the mysteries of life and understand why things are the way they are. After working in the pharmaceutical industry for 15 years, she dropped out of corporate America to homeschool her four children.

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How to Lead and Sell with Heart (with Wade Thomas)

March 8, 2023

For over two decades, Wade Thomas has served as a strategic talent executive who guides leaders to develop and shape organizations from the perspective of high-performance management coupled with compassion and empathy.

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How to Make the Fuzzy Clear (with Orly Zeewy)

March 1, 2023

Orly Zeewy is an author, speaker, and educator who says she has one superpower – making the fuzzy clear. She turns generic messaging into clear marketing messages that help startups, solopreneurs, and B2B companies cut through the noise so their ideal customers can find them, buy them, and refer them.

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The Video Advantage – Why You Need It and How to Get It (with Ed Troxell)

February 22, 2023

Ed Troxell is a Video Coach & Online Marketing Expert. He teaches agents how to show up on video for their social media and marketing so they can attract more qualified leads and close more deals. Ed was ranked as one of the top 15 coaches in Santa Rosa by Influence Digest.

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The Enduring Power of Email Marketing (with Kimberly Weitkamp)

February 15, 2023

Kimberly Weitkamp is the Audience Converter. She works with coaches to transform their word vomit into marketing that gets clients.

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How to Build Your Network to Grow Your Business (with Michael Whitehouse)

February 8, 2023

Michael Whitehouse is The Guy Who Knows a Guy. In 2014, he came to Groton, Connecticut knowing no one at all. A year later, after diving into networking with both feet, he was a major connector in the local community.

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How to Achieve Business Success Without Getting in Your Own Way (with Athin Cassiotis)

February 1, 2023

Athin Cassiotis is a Business Growth Strategist, International Speaker, Coach, Mentor, Consultant, Investor, and Podcast Host. He helps service-based business owners grow and scale to create freedom and choice in their life.

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Finding Your Authentic Self to Achieve What You Want (with Barbera Schouten)

January 25, 2023

Barbera is a transformation coach, a speaker, and an author. She specializes in helping people who feel different than others to be deeply connected with their authentic (spiritual) selves, have a crystal clear vision of the life they truly want to live, unleash the power that is already within them, and reignite their passion & purpose so they can have a soulful, profitable business, achieve their dreams, and live a fulfilled life on their terms right now!

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Why Success Depends on Saying What You Mean, and Meaning What You Say (with Barry Kleiman)

January 18, 2023

Barry Kleiman is a dedicated husband, father, and grandfather who is also a basketball coach turned social entrepreneur. He spent decades in the trenches of executive search and executive development, and he’s now an authority who advocates for truth-based interviewing.

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