Meeting the Master Host as a Guest

August 31, 2022

Great to see Jurgen as a podcast guest! Also to hear the backstory on how he got started on this path, and the future path on Flywheel. Nice to carry on the conversation we started on the Flywheel Platform this morning.

William Reed

Experience the Power of Story

February 14, 2022

Love this podcast! Tom Ruwitch is a great interviewer and masterful storyteller, and he always has terrific guests who he engages in insightful and entertaining conversations. This show is a must-watch and must-listenen not only for marketers, but for anyone who needs to communicate and influence others more effectively — which is ALL of us!

Todd Cherches

Informative, fun, and insightful

January 31, 2022

The podcast starts with the host telling a story that relates to whatever the guest is going to talk about. Tom’s stories alone are worth the listen. His guests have so much value to offer. He facilitates a conversation that is easy to listen to with his humor and questions. You never quite know where it’s going which makes this show compelling and you want to return over and over.

Doreen Downing

Excellent Content

August 31, 2021

Tom does a great job telling engaging stories with actionable takeaways. Plus, his guests and intro music are fun to hear!


Energizing Stories

August 19, 2021

I enjoy this entertaining podcast! Check out the way Tom weaves stories into business lessons and get energized.



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