You Don’t Need a Greek Goddess to Conjure Great Stories (with Dixie Gillaspie)


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You don’t need magical muse to create great things. You just need the right structure and to tap into the power within you to create. Tom’s guest, Dixie Gillaspie, is all about helping people tap into their core power to achieve great things. She and Tom trade stories and discuss how to create powerful stories — and other great things — without relying on magic and muses.

Tom’s Guest: Dixie Gillaspie

Consultant, coach, firestarter, and confirmed coffee fanatic. Allergic to “can’t” and in love with story. Working with entrepreneurs, founders, and business leaders to step into their power and accomplish the impossible.

After working as a business analyst and consultant for a nationwide management consulting firm, she started her own consulting practice in 1998 and has been helping people achieve their “impossibles” ever since.

She has coached founders and leaders of multi-million dollar corporations, as well as solopreneurs just starting out with next to nothing except a mission and a lot of determination and has helped them tap into the core of their personal power — that unique combination of innate gifts, learned skills, and purpose — to overcome any adversity and create what others believed could never exist.

Dixie’s clients, both companies and individuals, hire her to build personal power through recognizing and honing their authentic voice and developing their personal brand, leadership characteristics, and ability to develop trust-based relationships.

She is the author of “Just Blow it Up – Firepower for Living an Unlimited Life” and “Doses of Dynamite – Firepower for Capturing the Inspiration in Everyday Things”, both published by Sound Wisdom.

Discussed in This Episode

Dixie contributed a chapter to this book: “The Thought That Changed My Life Forever: How One Inspiration Can Unleash Your True Potential and Transform the World” by Christian Guenette (Author), Gillian Laura Roberts (Author), Bernie Siegel (Contributor), Joe Dispenza (Contributor) and others.

Dixie authored: “Just Blow It Up: Firepower For Living An Unlimited Life”

Both books are available on Amazon.

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