Why Embracing Brain Health Can Transform Your Business and Your Life

Industry and family leaders hire Dr Ruth Allan to win back their energy and time doing what they love by boosting their brain power and performance because most are chained to their past, don’t use the right tools and techniques and have never measured and optimised their unique brain

Dr Ruth is an Amen Clinics Certified Brain Health Professional, High Performance Coach and Havening Practitioner and host of the show and podcast 'Brain Health – Unchaining Your Pain.' In her spare time she is a Reservist British Army Officer, loves the outdoors, skiing, mountaineering and cycling, is married to Dave and mum to Lilly.

In this episode, Tom and Ruth discuss the importance of optimal brain function, the difference between brain health and mental health, and the power of stepping into your growth zone.

Why these topics? Your brain is your engine of life. Our brains run everything from governments to businesses, to organizations and to families. When your brain works right you work right. When your unique brain is functioning optimally you can unleash your unique superpower



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