How to Make Your Business Grow – Without Being a Braggy, Bigshot, Bro

You can attract new clients and build your business without tricks and without being a braggy bigshot.

Provide real value — by creating relevant, informative, entertaining content and building meaningful human relationships with your ideal prospects.

My guest today is all about that.

And like me, she’s not very fond of braggy, bigshot marketers. She calls them “bro marketers.”

Cat is the ultimate un-BRO.

Known as The LEAD Boss, Cat Stancik supports Time Crunched Expert Service Providers to create a process to predictably fill their pipeline, free up their time, and hit their revenue targets – without fancy funnels or complicated tech…

…and DEFINITELY without those puffed-up, bro-marketing claims.

In this episode, Tom and Cat discuss- How to go from overlooked to fully booked

– How people make lead generation harder than it needs to be

– How you can still close on a horrible sales call


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Podcast: Revenue Accelerator


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