How To Create Books and Courses that Stand Out (with Richard Hagen)

Richard’s experience of publishing is rooted in the reality of dealing with people's trauma, hopes, fears, expectations, and desire for change. 

He was introduced to the publishing world in his previous role as a member of a Catholic religious order when he was an ordained priest working throughout the UK, South Africa, and New York State running events. The publishing company the order ran was the largest Catholic publishing house in the UK and is where Richard cut his teeth first in writing and then in editorial and, eventually, occasional crisis management roles.

Though he’s stepped away from the church bubble, he still has the same mission to create transformation, empowerment, and flourishing. Publishing, and his own publishing company, are his new arena for this.

Along the way, Richard has been a preacher, counselor, author, writer, coach, project manager, and teacher. He’s retrained as a primary school teacher and worked full-time as a teacher when starting the publishing business. He brings an eclectic set of skills and approaches to any publishing project and is passionate about protecting folk from the superficial snake-oil sellers who promise magical results even if you create a low-quality book or course.


~Why Most Business Writers are Unengaging and How to Avoid Being Boring

~How to Avoid Obsession with Information and Why You Should

~Stepping Back From Your Agenda to Find the Value in Your Book

~What Writing a Book Takes and How to Do It Well

~The 5 Elements of Effective Writing

~How to Approach the Modern Publishing Process



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