How NOT to Damage Your Brand and Piss Off Your Customers

On the very first line of his LinkedIn profile, my guest Ted Prodromou asks “Are you auto-blasting templated messages AT your LinkedIn connections?”

And if you are auto-blasting templated messages AT your LinkedIn connections, Ted offers some sage advice to you: 

“STOP IT! You are damaging your brand and pissing off your connections.”

Which bring us to the title of today’s podcast: “How NOT to Damage Your Brand and Piss off Your Customers.” 

Ted Prodromou is the right man to help us sort THAT out. 

Ted is one of the wisest and kindest marketing experts I know. 

He’s been an entrepreneur, business coach, social media strategist and online lead generation expert for over 20 years.

He is the bestselling author of the “Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business” and “The Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business” 

As a coach and consultant, Ted guides business people to start sales conversations with warm leads every week — without deploying those annoying robots or spending a dime on advertising. 

Ted’s helps his followers develop innovative marketing strategies to close more deals and get great referrals

And he helps them establish their personal brands that positions them as THE industry authority…