How to Promote Your Business with Virtual Events

Steve Eriksen is the founder of Event Raptor, a platform designed to help you manage virtual events. 

A tech integration specialist and automations nerd, he was responsible as the Chief Technology Officer for Mary Morrissey, an 8-figure life coach certification organization, for all the tech that went into their events with thousands of attendees.  

When Steve hosted a summit for his own coaching business, he couldn't find a good system to help him run his event. So he took his technical background in the events space, along with his real-world experience as an event host, and created EventRaptor, a system that makes virtual event management easy. 

Event Raptor also runs a directory that helps business people land more speaking opportunities by connecting them with event organizers. 

Steve has run 4 summits on his own as well as helped a number of clients with summits and virtual events, and has seen how powerful a virtual event is to drive new prospects and create new customers and clients.


~How virtual events are great for marketing and promoting your business

~How to position yourself as an expert using virtual events

~How to effectively market your business and create more customers and clients using virtual events. 

~Understanding the benefits of hosting a virtual event

~How to determine if hosting a virtual event is the right marketing strategy for your business.





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